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Flame-retardant materials

Flame-retardant materials made from post-consumer PET bottles, which can be used with EPEAT

Comparison of flame retardancy
Comparison of flame retardancy
Kyoei Industry developed recycled flame-retardant material made from PET bottles. This is a high-performance flame-retardant material with the oxygen concentration expressed with the LOI-value of up to 35% despite being a recycled material. This material is environmentally friendly, can be colored easily, and allows stable supplies. These properties allow application to various materials as a next-generation recycled material.

Recycled material with high flame retardancy and stable quality
LOI-value up to 35%(equivalent of UL94V-0)
  • Since this material is made from used post-consumer PET bottles, it is suitable for purposes where the use of post-consumer materials is required, such as in EPEAT.
  • This material has high formability with a reduced drop in the IV value, and the high dispersibility makes this material suitable for various products.
  • This material can be delivered in both a compound and as a master batch.
  • We accept orders for customization, such as colored materials and with fillers even in small lots depending on the demands of our customers.
  • This material can cut CO2 emissions by more than 60% compared to oil-based materials.

This material can be used for various purposes,including consumer electronics and OA devices.
consumer electronics and OA devices image

GRS certificate
We can deliver materials that are traceable to collection routes and recycling processes based on third-party certificates.

ISO 9001 certificate
The management of the recycled materials production processes of Kyoei Industry, including the production of flame-retardant PET resin is certified by ISO 9001.

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